Best Price Great Service Sweet Cars

Best Price Great Service Sweet Cars

Best Price Great Service Sweet CarsBest Price Great Service Sweet CarsBest Price Great Service Sweet Cars

Our Story

Hello, My name is Dan Conklin, Owner, Operator and Instructor at Sweet Driving School.  I am from Lake County and My family has been in the Driving School Business for over 17 years.  Running my own school and helping teens be safe on the road has always been a priority of mine. My Sister is the motivation behind all that I do. Sadly she lost her life at 17 years of age in 2003. She was the victim of a single-car accident in Kelseyville.  She was in the back seat of her own Vehicle when the teen driver lost control and struck a tree. There was no alcohol or drugs involved. Unfortunately, all it took was an under-experienced driver. Since 2007 I have taught Thousands of Students to drive, in over 30 cities. On every lesson I urge them to drive safe forever, to be responsible for their passengers, and to think of the consequences of taking risks.  Every day I get a chance to help a parent's child become a safe driver.  Thank you for the opportunity.

Our Mission

We want to offer Affordable Driver's Training along with an Amazing Learning Experience. Our Students have the privilege of driving our awesome cars at an awesome price. It is our goal to Instruct with integrity and end each and every lesson leaving our students excited for their next lesson. It is our Goal to help our students understand the importance of Safe Driving and the benefits of driving with a patient and cautious State-of-Mind to help keep California's Roadways Safe.

Our Operations

We Opperate with the main goal of making it as easy as possible to Schedule and Complete the 6 required hours of Behind-The-Wheel Training. We try to work around your schedule and offer Free Pick-Up and Drop-Offs n the Lake and Mendocino areas. We may charge extra for some home pick ups and drop-offs. We spread the 6 hours over 3 lessons, each 2hrs long. However Students are often in the car for up to 2.5 hrs.  We always try to cover as much as possible. Students are progressed based on their knowledge and ability.  We understand that every student is different and we instruct with that in mind. We are also here to help you along the way, It is encouraged to call anytime if you have a question or concern regarding driving and the licensing process.  We Use Like new Vehicles with modern safety features.  We also have a top of the line Passenger side break.