Best Price Great Service Sweet Cars

Best Price Great Service Sweet Cars

Best Price Great Service Sweet CarsBest Price Great Service Sweet CarsBest Price Great Service Sweet Cars

Our Amazing Instructors

Dan Conklin


Dan and his family have been in the driving school business for over 17 years. He is the owner and is the most experienced instructor around. He has Taught over 7,000 people and has been instructing for over 15 years. 

"I always strive to have my students looking forward to their next lesson with me"  - Dan

Kristina De La Torre


Kristina is a mother of 2 awesome children and when she is not catering to them she finds time to be our manager and lead instructor. She has been training for over 4 years and is highly requested by her students. Kristina loves training and is always patient and relaxed during her lessons. 

"It really makes me happy when my students let us know they passed their test" -Kristina

Linda Adams


Linda is very cool and has lots of experience with teenagers, as she has 4 boys who have recently earned their licenses, 3 of whom scored 100% and the other scored a 99 on his test.  She is also blessed with a daughter and she will be learning to drive soon. Linda is our newest instructor and she loves it. Linda says... 

 "Teaching kids to drive is her cup of tea."  


As the owner of Sweet Driving School, I want all of our students to feel like they were not only taught how to drive safe, but that hey had an amazing time.  I urge my instructors to always treat their drivers with respect and offer a fun and inviting learning experience. They will not yell, get frustrated or be offensive in any way. We have never had an insurance claim because we are always paying attention. Your child's safety is our priority. We love concerned parents. Please speak with the instructor or give me a call to go over how the lesson went and what they may need to work on.