Best Price Great Service Sweet Cars

Best Price Great Service Sweet Cars

Best Price Great Service Sweet CarsBest Price Great Service Sweet CarsBest Price Great Service Sweet Cars


1. What is the difference between drivers education and drivers training? Drivers education is the Classroom portion usually completed Online. Drivers training is in-car instruction, Required for teens under 17.5

2. How Old do you have to be to Start Drivers ED?  It's Recommended to start at 15 so that you have your Completion Certificate in time to take your permit test at 15.5.

3. How Long does Driver's Ed take to complete? It depends on your work ethic.  Some Programs can be completed in under a week, Others take much longer. We recommend the clicking on our Online Driver's Ed Link.  Highly recommended and Great Course and its quick and easy.

4. Do I need an appointment to Take my Permit Test? It is required by most DMVs, however there have been reports of walk-ins being allowed.

5. How much does it cost to take the Test? It will be around $35, which will also cover three attempts on the drive test.

6. Will the Permit Test be on a Computer? Yes, but you can request a written test for special circumstances. 

7. When Should I Set up an appointment for my Permit Test? at least a month before you plan on taking it. I recommend Signing up with us for the In-Car portion at the same time.  

8. How long do is my Permit Valid for? 1 year, but you may attempt to take the Drive Test after 6 months, but you must complete 6 hrs of In-Car Training with us prior to getting your license. You must also complete 50 hours with your parents, 10 of which need to be at night. 

9. How long are the In-Car lessons? 1-2 hours long. 

10. Do I have to Pay Up front? No, you can Pay as you go and break the payments up over your 4 lessons. We are the best priced School Guaranteed because we strive to have the lowest price.  We have always at least matched the competition. 

11. Can I use my car for the Behind-The-Wheel Training?  No, By law we must train in our DMV approved Vehicles.

12. Do you have Manual Training Cars? No, but if I have free time, I may be able to show you how in your own vehicle after you get your license.

13. Do I need to Bring anything with me on the lesson?  Yes, you will need your Permit and the Payment. We take all forms of Payment. Checks made out to Sweet Driving School.

14. Can Someone Ride Along in the Back during the lesson? Only Parents, no joyrides, or rides home for your friends.  We do not allow you to do lessons with friends.

15. Will you pick me up at home? Yes we always try to.. However, some times we require you to meet with us due to scheduling conflicts. We do not do home pick-ups if the house is too far from town. We find the lessons to be more effective if we are not on the highway or a mountain the entire time.  If you want the best lesson possible, I recommend meeting us in Lakeport or Lower Lake so that your son or daughter can practice the entire time in town, to better prepare them for the city areas. 

16. Will You confirm my lesson? Yes I always send you a confirmation text, and or ill call at least the day before your lesson.

17. Do you have a cancelation Policy?  Yes it is $25 if I am unable to fill the slot. There is no charge if you let me know 24 hrs ahead of time. 

18. Is there Parallel Parking on the Drive Test? No, but you will have to park within 18 inches of a curb and then back in a straight line for 50ft.

19. Will I be tested on the Highway? No, They only drive you through town. 

20. How long is the drive test? 10-20 minuets. 

21. Can I Drive by Myself with my Permit? No, you must drive with a licensed driver over 25. 

22. May I request an Instructor? Yes

23. May I request a Car? Kind of, we ask you what you prefer, and we try to make it happen but no guarantees.  

24. How many Cars do you have? 2 at the moment but planning on adding another awesome car to our fleet.  We have a 2010 Camaro and a 2012 Mustang. We always get newer cars because they, have the most up to date saftey features and provide a cool and comfortable atmosphere for our students. Our cars are always clean and have great Heaters and ACs.  

25. How much Muscle do those cars have lol?  Not as much as it looks like... They are only the V6 models and I have never lost traction with a student.  They Handle our rural lake county roads great, and I'm fortunate to say, we have never been in a wreck with a student.  And I have taught over 3000 students how to drive. If you want more visibility then ask for the Mustang, it has basically 0 blind spots.  We are also planning on adding an Eco friendly car as well. 

26. Do you offer Refresher Lessons? Yes you can schedule a lesson with us for any reason as long as you are permitted to practice driving by the DMV or have a Drivers License.  We help adults as well to get ready for their drive tests.  

27. Can I use your car for the DMV Test? Yes we allow you to rent our car for the test.  We will pick you up and take you to the DMV.  We will wait for you to take your test and then take you home after.  It is the same cost per hour.  DMV Tests take up to 2 hours. Sometimes longer if DMV is backed up.

28.  How many Lessons would one need to feel Comfortable and Confident behind the wheel?Three lessons is recommended. Sometimes Students are already good drivers when me meet them. Their Parents worked with them on the controls and how to drive prior to sending them to us.  It is recommended that you practice in empty parking lots or open private roads early and often. Such Students will feel confident driving sooner.