Best Price Great Service Sweet Cars

Best Price Great Service Sweet Cars

Best Price Great Service Sweet CarsBest Price Great Service Sweet CarsBest Price Great Service Sweet Cars

Lake and Mendocino County's Best Driving School


About Us

Our Family has helped license thousands of Students over the years. Many of our students Ace the driving test and very few fail. We go out of our way to make sure our students get the knowledge they need to be safe drivers forever.  We offer new and fun to drive cars with the most up to date safety features, including passenger controls, which have helped us remain wreck free since we opened our doors. We Pick-Up at home, school or wherever is convent for you. We offer 100% one-on-one lessons. However we also offer extra time in the car if you are willing to piggy-back with another student. This does not mean that you will have to drive with another student in the car, Your lesson starts after the other student drives themselves home. We have male and female instructors, whom are highly requested by our students and we are all native to the area.


Price Match Guarantee

We Understand how expensive Drivers Training and Drivers Ed can be, and Always offer the best price in your area. Tell us what the competition is charging and we will beat their price.  That way you know you are getting the best value. Awesome Cars, Enthusiastic Experienced Instructors, and the best price guaranteed. When I started my school, I had a goal of offering affordable Drivers Training so that everyone can afford to learn to drive safe. We have payment plans and accept all forms of payment. 

We Also offer 3 ways to save a little extra...

1. $10 off the first lesson if you were referred by a friend

2. $10 off if you have a 4.0 grade point average

3. $10 off every lesson if your sibling learned from us.


How to get my license on my 16th birthday?

If you wish to get your license right at 16 then you must obtain your permit when you turn 15 and 1/2 years old. 1. Start your Online Drivers Ed around your 15th Birthday to ensure completion and delivery of your Certificate of Completion. You must have your Completion Certificate, which is mailed to you, you can not print it out. 

2. Next Make an appointment with DMV for the Day you turn 15 and 1/2  for an office visit to take your DMV PERMIT TEST, or try walking in on your 15 and 1/2 birthday.  Pass the test and earn your permit.

3. In 6 months you will be able to take your Behind-the-Wheel DMV drive test. Be sure to make an appointment up to 90 ahead of time or DMV may be booked up past your 16th birthday. 

Call 1-(800) 777-0133 or go to

6 steps to getting your license

Step 1: Online Drivers Ed & Paperwork

-If you are under 17 and a half, then you must complete Drivers Education and receive a Certificate of Completion in the mail prior to the test. You will also need to bring your Social Security Card, Acceptable Proof of Residency document and OFFICIAL Birth Certificate.  

Step 2: Study for the Written Exam

Study for the test, Your best resource for information is the current CA DMV Driver's Handbook. It is on-line or you can pick one up at the DMV. Try as well for more helpful videos and testimonials. Most applicants fail on their first attempt, so be sure to study. Check out. DMV's Practice Tests

Step 3: Take the Written Exam

Some DMVs will require you to Make an Appointment for a DMV Office Visit. However, most DMVs will allow you to walk in and take the test. Be sure to bring all of your paperwork with you. The Exam is now done on a computer. Although, you may request a Paper Version of the test. Once you pass the exam you will be given your Learners Permit.

Step 4: Sign up for Behind-the-Wheel

Call or Text us @ (707) 900-1269 to schedule your first Behind-the-Wheel lesson.  You must hold your Permit of 6 months from the day you passed the permit test, However, the first lesson will validate the permit making it legal to practice driving with parents or a licensed CA driver 25 years of age or older. We recommend Spreading the lessons out over the 6 months. 

Step 5: Complete the 3 Lessons

There are 3 lessons, 2 hours each, which can be spread our over the 6 months that DMV requires minors to hold their permits. A gold certificate of completion will be given to the student upon the finishing of the sixth hour. Take this to DMV when you take your DMV Drive test. Schedule your Drive Test at least 1 month ahead of time and be sure that you have your last lesson with us scheduled prior to the test date

Step 6: Pass the DMV Driving Test

Show up 15 minutes early and check in. You must be with a licensed driver and you must bring your Permit, Certificate of Completion, Registration and Insurance for the car you are using.  We offer our cars for rent if you can't borrow one from a friend or if yours is not up to par for the inspection.  Once you pass the exam, you will be given your temporary CA Drivers License until your hard copy arrives in the mail. You will have 3 attempts to pass the test. You may reapply after your third attempt, but don''t worry, you do not have to redo the Drivers Ed or Behind-the-Wheel training.

Facebook Reviews

Lou D. ​Upperlake CA

"Thank you Dan, you were just the finish touch our son needed to get him not just test ready but more importantly "road ready".. He is now teaching us how to drive LOL Thanks again buddy we will send many more your way!!!!!"

Taleen W. ​Napa CA

"If you are looking for the right people to teach your teen how to drive ... this is the place!"

Gina W. Lower Lake CA

"Dan and the team are top notch! My daughter feels confident in her driving skills after each lesson. Our time is ending soon, but yours could be just beginning! You'd be smart to call them and get to cruising."

Marlene M. ​Willits CA

 "The best I've come across and I've got three kids so I know hahaha! Would and do recommend to everyone I know whom has a kid ready to drive! And the cars are bad a*" for learning to drive hahaha!!"

Jordyn F. Lakeport CA

"Made learning to drive really comfortable and not scary at all. Dan and Kristina made my experience amazing. Thank you guys "

Missy C. ​Lakeport CA

 "Dan and his team are AMAZING!! They are very informative, easy to talk to, and very accommodating to me and my daughter's needs!! A+ in my book!!"

Reviews Cont...

Sharisse S. ​Lakeport CA

 " I would highly recommend!! They have been amazing with my children! Dan has made driving so comfortable for my son, he looks forward to his lessons! They have already taught 2 of my children and will definitely be using next year for my daughter. Thank you!!"

Chelsea C. ​ Hidden Valley Lake CA

 "I highly recommend Sweet Driving School. My son was very comfortable with Dan and looked forward to each lesson. Dan went above and beyond to accommodate us for his final lesson. Thanks!!!!"

Jackie W. Willits CA

 "Dan the instructor for my daughter was awesome he was very informative , awesome instructor !my daughter had her first driving lesson today and we love dan ! She says he’s really funny ! Look forward to the second one !"

Stacy P. Willits CA

"We were very happy with Dan at Sweet driving school. He was very patient and informative with our son. Also his laid back attitude provided for an extremely relaxed environment which allowed our son become a good driver. Because of Dans tutelage. Trent was able to score a perfect score on his driving test. Thanks again Sweet driving school."

Makayla W.  Kelseyville CA

 "Loved having Dan as my instructor, very patient and funny. I tell anyone who’s getting their permit to come here, thank you!!"

Kristen H. Lakeport CA

 "I remember being pretty nervous about my first driving appointment and you made it the best driving experience and I was very comfortable and not as nervous as I thought I’d be. I was sad when it was my last class because you are such a great driving instructor and person. Thank you for teaching me! I will always recommend Dan at Sweet Driving School!"

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If you have questions about what Drivers Training programs we have available to you, feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Check out our online Drivers Ed and Thanks for interest in our driving school 

Sweet Driving School

55 1st Street, Lakeport, California 95453, United States

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